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Upgrade from to Causes Client to behave badly

So I recently upgrade AOS to Immediately after we began getting complaints that clients connecting using 802.1x  tkip aes are getting disconnected.  I visited the floor and notice that the wireless bars in windows are fluctuations excessively between 5.5 GHz and 300 that is from 1 bar all the way up to 4 bars.   There are no busy channel;   SNR will be 50-40 then suddenly drop down to 17 and lower.   I try adding a AP next to the client and it seems  worked. I move the AP 10 feet away and it started the erratic  behavior again. This an open area with no walls blocking.



Has anyone notice any similar behavior? 

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Re: Upgrade from to Causes Client to behave badly



I would consider upgrading to  There is a fixed bug with WPA-TKIP clients 83776 in the attached release notes.



Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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