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Upgrading IAP from 6.5 to 8.3

We are in the process of planning our upgrading our IAP clusters from to 8.3 releases due to the purchase of new AP345's that won't support anything lower. When we first heard about version 8 code coming, it was suggested that we start with a completely fresh configuration, once the upgrade is complete. The reasoning behind it was that the code in 8.3 was much better on radio and client management.


Wondering what the community feedback is on the advice?

Wondering what your experience is with the 8.3 release?


Our Environment:

We have Airwave and use Clearpass for 802.1x authentication with 21 sites, each with their own IAP cluster. All AP's are 325's with newer purchases being 345's (so we will have a mixed AP environment). We also have a project in place to start installing 367's in the next 3 months for our outdoor locations.


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Re: Upgrading IAP from 6.5 to 8.3


There are some differences between 6.x and 8.3 instant regarding EIRP. But these are all settings you can set also on an upgraded config.
Best practice on ArubaOS 8.x is to start from scratch to ‘loose’ old not used config. AFAIK instant doesn’t have this unused old ‘config’

I would just upgrade and see if the radio settings need to be changed and switch on client match.

Good luck.

Cheers, Frank
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