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Users randomly lose network connectivity but stay connected to SSID

Our 7210 controllers (master/local) are running (we were previously on  We have users who are both hardwired and on wifi who experience losing connectivity from our corporate SSID, HS-Corp. As you can see, the user was still connected to HS-Corp and was able to ping the default gateway. However, the user lost all connectivity beyond the gateway and wasn't able to ping The user's connection wasn't restored until I manually turned off wifi. As soon as I did that, the user was able to ping again and full connectivity was restored. I turned wifi back on after that and the user was fine but it's only a matter of time until this happens again. What is interesting and notable is that this is only happening to users in a new part of the office that opened up two months ago.  There are no issues with any users who are sitting in the old part of the office.  The old section of the office is running off AP-215 while the new part of the office is running off AP-315.  AP groups all share identical configuration.  In addition, the service order is set on Macs so that ethernet has priority over wifi.  Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone know why this is happening?

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