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Using both 5ghz radios on AP224?

Does anyone know if it is possible with the AP225/224 to set both the radios to 5ghz? I understand that for this to work well you would need to use extrenal attennas place far enough apart. Another wireless vendor is saying that they could do it and I am just looking to see if Aruba can. Thanks!

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Re: Using both 5ghz radios on AP224?

This is not currently possible. 

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Re: Using both 5ghz radios on AP224?



No. Aruba APs doesn't support this, we can not configure both radios with the same band ( 2.5 GHz or 5 GHz) .


You should select separate bands for each radio.





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Re: Using both 5ghz radios on AP224?

The radios in Aruba APs are for each separate frequency only. If you were doing outdoor mesh the MSR series radios are capable of this
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