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Using second ethernet port as an access port

Hi guys,


I searched it in the user guide and here but couldn't find somthing that addresses the solution. Is there a document that describes how to use the second ethernet port on Ap-225 as an access port for the clients.


I enabled the wired ap profile for the ethernet port under Ap profiles.

I set the mode for bridging and set the port for access and set the appopriate vlan. Also I want to mention that this access point is being used as a rap. But still when we connect a client to this port(Enet 0) all communication goes down. I would appreciate if you can redirect me to a document or address me to the point I missed. 


Note: Controller is 3200 and Firmware is


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Re: Using second ethernet port as an access port

First things first:


Your AP should be connected to infrastructure on enet0.  Your wired client should be connected to enet1


An AP225 requires higher power than 802.3af to bring up the second port.  If you do not get a light when you plug the client into the second port on the AP225, you might not be giving it adequate power.  Try a high powered injector or power brick.


If you just want to bridge the traffic to the same VLAN as enet0, make the VLAN in your wired port profile 1 (to match the native vlan parameter in the AP system profile).  If you make it anything besides 1, it will assume that enet0 is plugged into a trunk and will tag your wired traffic on port 1 with whatever VLAN you enter into the wired port profile.


I hope this helps.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: Using second ethernet port as an access port

My mistake was not to set my native vlan(Vlan 20 in my case) in the ap system profile. So when I changed the vlan for the port on Ethernet interface profile it was tagging it. Thanks for your help.

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