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Virtual IP assignment in IAP conversion process . Help !!!

I will be going to deploy two controller in active/standby mode by using VRRP feature. IAP's model 215 total number of APs are 75.


VLAN-1 subnet on both controllers are and VRRP instance is created for vlan-1 


My first question - When I do convert the iap's into campus ap's, Do I need to configure the vrrp virtual IP of vlan-1 in IAP conversion process ? So in any case if the master controller would be down, all APs be shifted to standby controller by the help of virtual IP. Am I going right ?


Second Question - Do I need to assign the VRRP virtual IP under the AP system profile in the LMS IP portion for both controllers ? ELSE do not required this step ?


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Re: Virtual IP assignment in IAP conversion process . Help !!!

You should point your IAPs at the VRRP for conversion, yes.


You do not need to put the VRRP in the LMS-ip, no.


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