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I'm working on my first wireless design in Visual RF and need some tips on a few things.  I tried using the provision APs option with -65 signal strength (there will be VoWLAN), but it left a lot of gaping holes which I had to fill by manually placing APs.  I used the default power levels, 12mw during provisioning, but I'm not sure if the power levels should be tweaked to improve coverage.  If so, what should those power levels be?  Any other tips for AP placement?

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Re: Visual RF Tips

We don't use VisualRF, we actually use AirMagnet Planner.  I would recommend that what ever planning that you are doing, your first step is to visit the site.  Check out what material the walls are made of, the doors, windows, etc.  Depending on this material will depend on how the software will propagate the signal.  The most accruate your planner, the better results you will receive.  We also place our APs at -63 for VoWifi and set them at half the power.  That way, we are planning at losing an adjacent AP and the other two taking up the slack by increasiing power levels.

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Not sure if you are already but one thing you could use is the autocad file of that particular floor, it will help with the floor layout VisualRF gets more information and it helps accuracy 

Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Visual RF Tips

Very true, get the CAD file that is up to scale and get a measurement of a long hallway to be as accurate as possible.

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Re: Visual RF Tips

I've had problems lately with CAD file errors so I switched to PDF files. They have the same distance key at the bottom so you can scale your floor adequately..

Re: Visual RF Tips

Thanks for chiming in, guys.


A site-survey tool is in the budget for next year.  For the time being, I've gotta work with VisualRF and some drawings that I imported.  I've got measurements and materials as well.


My main issue has been understanding what the exact power levels should be when mocking it up.  Salvi, are you setting yours at 15dBm, then?  Also, how does that affect your decision for setting your min/max EIRP levels in the ARM profile?

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Re: Visual RF Tips



Please take a look a the V RD " indoor 802.11n surveying and planning" here:  http://www.arubanetworks.com/wp-content/uploads/Indoor80211n_2012-05-31.pdf


It will give you tips AND explanations about doing site surveys.  It will also tell you why different sites and deployments require a different approach.


Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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