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VisualRF Issues



I have two issues with VisualRF


1) APs showing status of DOWN / RED Alert / Down - *only* in VisualRF. The WAPs are clearly up and servicing clients. They are listed as UP in the UP clients; they are UP in my PowerConnect controller. However VisualRF has them as down. And only in 2 of my many floor plans. 

How can I force VisualRF to show these APs as UP / GREEN / show the heat map?


2) I have another map that is showing my APs as up but I cannot get the Heatmap to overlay - I check / uncheck Heatmap; Refresh the view; no heatmaps showing



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Re: VisualRF Issues

First I would try and stop/restart VisualRF.    Under the VisualRF --> Setup --> Server Settings --> Enable VisualRF Engine - No.   Wait a few minutes and then turn it back on and give it some time to start itself up; can sometimes take up to 30 minutes depending on your environment.

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Re: VisualRF Issues

I agree with clembo.


Here's another few things to check:

1. AMP version

2. VisualRF setup -> what's the current memory allocation for VisualRF?

3. VisualRF logs -> if you tail /var/log/visualrf/visualrf.log, you should see a constant feed of information being updated for calculation

4. Types of devices

5. Number of floor plans

6. Number of devices placed on floor plans

7. AMP hardware resources (disk space, disk speed, RAM)

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