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What are the config does not get pushed from Mater to Local , and Mater to master ?

I have seen the Vlans created in the master controller doesnot get pushed to my local controllers ? is it correct ?

Can you point to some doc which it gives a correct idea what is pushed and what is not pushed ?

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Re: What are the config does not get pushed from Mater to Local , and Mater to master ?

In the ArubaOS 6.1 user guide, Chapter 21, "Adding Local Controllers" details what is or is not pushed:


Configuring Local Controller Settings


Many controller settings are unique to that device and therefore are not replicated from a master controller to a local controller. The following settings must be manually configured on a local controller that synchronizes with the master controller.:


 Time zone and daylight savings time settings

 VPN pools for remote APs and other VPN clients.

 Controller and IP interfaces. (Note that these values may need to be set before synchronization with the master so the synchronization can properly complete.)

 IP routing and spanning-tree configurations

 Remote AP whitelist and local-user database values

 DHCP pools and reservations

 NAT pools

 SNMP, NTP, and syslog settings

 Hostnames, DNS and SMTP servers

 ACLs applied to ports

 Certificates

 RADIUS client details and RADIUS source interfaces

 Stateful firewall settings

 Customized captive portal pages and images, and the captive portal redirect address.


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