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What is required for wired to wireless rogue detection with Airwave

I have a few questions I have an airwave server that has never worked correctly has many false positives. I'm only concerned with rogue devices which clone our SSID's, and AP's or wireless routers that get plugged into our wired network. It's my understanding that the airwave server has to have some access to our network switches, and I do see there is a way to discover these switches by SNMP. Does Airwave only need SNMP access to the network switch? Also is there any white papers that show how to setup wired to wireless rogue detection? 


My 2nd question is a small number high security rooms we would like to detect any AP or adhoc device that is broadcasting 802.11 and alert on that without fause alerts from outside the room is there a way to do that with airwave?

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