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Wlan optimization like to seek guidance how many SSID etc

Wlan optimization works should be carried out would like to seek guidance?


Details are as below. 


How many essids can be broadcasted or can be used as hiden ssid? 


Is there going to have any effect having many profiles on the controllers but not assoicated to any AP-group?


Is there any limit on number VAP's , if have more that is it going effect the performance?


As we have a mix of AP-125 and AP-65 in the environment, disabling HT on radio profile "a" and "G"  will help?




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Re: Wlan optimization like to seek guidance how many SSID etc

There are recommendations for this

Recommended just 2 vaps

Max 3 vaps...


Here are some good reading about SSIDS




Here is a table that will give you more visibility regarding this






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