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access the controller

Hi Guys,


            we have a round 3000 Aruba APs around campus, my question

is how can i access the Aruba controller from a corporate SSID or any ssid that i know the passsowrd to? cuase sometimes when im in the field

troubleshooting i need to access the controller wirelessly.


Thanks a lot,


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Re: access the controller

You should be able to access the controller on any SSID that is not blocking access to it.  By default, no access is blocked.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: access the controller

In addition to that, most Aruba controller deployments are layer-2, which means the controller doesn't have an IP address in the vlans used for your wireless clients. If you need access to the management IP of the controller, you will need to setup routing and if a firewall is in between access rules that your client can access the controller management IP.


Most times customers specifically try to limit the access to the controller from the wireless SSIDs; this can be the case.


Probably the first step is to find the management IP (or any IP on the controller), the second step is to make sure your client can access the controller from the subnet where it is in.

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