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add IAP-205 to Static wired network as DHCP

I Have a Wired Static IP Active directory Network where i want to install IAP-205 Units and Add them to then same subnet as the wired network But have the WiFi Portion set as DHCP..  I Have selected a Portion of the Subnet to set asside fore the DHCP Portion But I get a Overlapping error each Time I try this ..


the Network has Servers, Printers and Workstations all between and with the Router (Gateway) at I wanted to setup the Wifi Portion from thru ..  Ive setup numerous Locations in this fashion with No Issues using Linsys & Apple Airport Extreme units But the Aruba Unit is Fighting Me..

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Re: add IAP-205 to Static wired network as DHCP

What device is showing you it has an overlap error?  A diagram would be helpful.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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