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analyzing health reports & best practices

Guys, I've attached 2 health reports from AMP. I need to understand what is considered high values/thresholds so I can determien the issues:

What are high noise values? Aruba says set alerting thresholds at -80dBm. So is >-90 high (problematic) and -60 considered good?

 Same for "high number of clients". Aruba says set alerting thresholds at >15. need more clairity on this. 

same is true for High Channel utilization. is >75% bad and >50% good? 

Can you explaing the above and look over the health reports and point out obvious concerns and provide clairty? thxxs much


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Re: analyzing health reports & best practices

Thresholds are specific to environments, and is relative..  There are some users who have environments where there is high density and channel utilization climbs to 50%, but the network is working fine.  You need to baseline when the network is working, to understand what your individual thresholds are.  That last statement is a huge generalization, but that is the way it is...  If  network is well designed, the utilization can climb to 50 or 60%, but it can tolerate it, and your users are fine.

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Re: analyzing health reports & best practices

So is there anything in the health reports that can be of value or concern? 


Re: analyzing health reports & best practices

The value comes from checking your networks' health on a day when everything is fine, so you can see what fine looks like, then checking when folks are complaining to see what "not-fine" looks like.

Once you've got a good feel for fine and not-fine, you can tune your alerts.


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