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Re: ap-335's operating in restricted mode

show ap debug driver-log will tell you if it is running in 1x1 mode.  It only turns on 1x1 on the 2.4ghz band...

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Re: ap-335's operating in restricted mode

I opened a case with TAC for Aruba IAP325  Ver for a similar issue i.e. IAP 325 running in restricted mode.


IAP1# show ap deb system-status | in POE

Operational State          POE-AT: No restrictions (Overridden by LLDP)

Current HW State           POE-AF: One Ethernet port disabled; USB port enabled; 1x1 chain for 2.4GHz; 16dBm for 5GHz

LLDP Negotiated POE Power  25.5W


TAC response was not to worry , all is well.  The current HW was the staus during bootup. The Operatrion State is what is imortant and it is running with no restrictions.

TAC : " I understand that the IAP is showing POE-AF in the current HW state .As I explained in the earlier mail while booting up the IAP will be in current HW state. When the IAP has negotiated the power with POE switch  it will be in the Operational state ." 

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Re: ap-335's operating in restricted mode

It's likely you are seeing it blink because e0 is not negotiated to 2.5Gbps. Try plugging in to e1 and see if it stops blinking. 

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