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disable an SSID from a particular radio



How can I remove an SSID from a specific radio.




Re: disable an SSID from a particular radio



Well yes - you can disable a radio in the rf profile for an ap/ap group, but that will in turn effect all the ssid's defined on the specific AP or the AP group.





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Re: disable an SSID from a particular radio



You can do this by creating an AP-Specific Setting:


Configuration> Wireless> AP Configuration> AP Specific.  Click New and Select that AP.  Under the Wireless LAN setting, just remove the Virtual AP that corresponds to that WLAN.


Colin Joseph
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Re: disable an SSID from a particular radio

Hello Colin

I have been tring to do this in on a 7005 I have had success just the way you explained it in this post for prior editions. This is how I did it. But I cannot find out how to do ths in  version 8.


I did get as far as 1 SSID and only 5g on both AP and second SSID 5g and 2.4 on both AP but I am trying to turn of the 2.4 radio on one of the AP's and I have no luck finding this. 


Thank you in advance.


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