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distance supported by IAP-277?

Hi guys,

  I'm planning to design a point to point outdoor AP within a campus.

  will IAP-277-RW(integrated directional antenna connectors) can support up to 650m of distance?


 or is it preferred to use IAP-274-RW with external antenna connectors?


 wireless link will carry SAP, Oracle, web browse etc within less than a hundred users within a flat network.


what could be the "effective bandwidth/speed"  and ideal components for this?


thank you very much for any recommendation :)



Re: distance supported by IAP-277?

So 650m is supportable with the 277 *IF* 


a) the RF channel is clean and there's not a lot of interference on the resident PtP channel

b) there is good line of sight between the two APs (applies to any PtP though).


Expected throughput should be around ~250Mbps (HT80), 150Mbs (HT40), 100mbps (HT20) for a 277 PtP at 650m. 


If you need MORE speed (figure 350Mbps HT80, 200Mbps HT40, and around 100Mbls HT20) *OR* you have a bunch of interference in the area where you need much smaller / narrower antennas to get more RF isolation, the a 274+5314 will be your goal on each end.  

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Re: distance supported by IAP-277?

Thank you very much Sir,


      May I ask, what could be the differences, if I use the following items as options?





Re: distance supported by IAP-277?

The MST200 is an 11n AP (not 11ac) so it will not be as fast, it also is 5Ghz only for mesh, so if you wanted to support an outdoor client SSID, you would need another AP of some kind. Rought throughput is approx 50-90mbps at 650m depending on environment and configuration.

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Re: distance supported by IAP-277?

can the AP 277 reach  1 KM ?

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Re: distance supported by IAP-277?

It can, so long as the RF environment is clean. If it's in an urban area orthere's a high noise floor and/or lots of interference, you will want the 274+5314 to maximize isolation and gain. 

Jerrod Howard
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