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guest user


 according to the topolgy


how redirect a guest user to proxy (internet) when using a captive portal

sorry for the inconvenience








Re: guest user

Definetily not an inconvinience , see if this helps you:


Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: guest user

thank's for reply

i add some information on the topology so our proxy is on forward mode and ther's two GW one on the controller and the seconde on the wired LAN for the employs




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Re: guest user



need help

Re: guest user

did you read victorfabian's info? the general idea is to dst nat the traffic, did you try that?

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Re: guest user

hi boneyard

yes i did it!  but the traffic is not redirected to the proxy ????

and the user are not redirected to the captiveportal




Re: guest user

Try to bypass Captive Portal to see if your guest proxy redirect works.  This can be done simply by changing the initial role in guest aaa profile to “guest”. 


After you have a working proxy redirect then you can work on your guest Captive Portal.


Captive Portal requires DNS, so if you are using external DNS, your CP will not redirect until your guest proxy works first.


~Trinh Nguyen~
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Re: guest user

no way


if desabling  captive portal redirection work's and when stoping redirection captive portal work's again ??????? thank's for your help


when the controller is natted to outside all work's fine but


QUID can we filter a trafic with the controller ex Facebook......


Re: guest user

sorry i don't understand what you are asking.

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