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hi guys, i have a question, need hep?

Herman Robers

Aruba Instant IAP 105 runs Aruba Instant 4.2.x at latest.

The applicable version with fixes for KRACK for the IAP-105 will be: And that is also the only firmware that both runs on IAP-105 and has the fixes.


There can be some confusion in the version numbering as the Instant release is [which is referred in the bulletin], which is based on ArubaOS, thus makes up the whole version number:


Starting ArubaOS 6.5.2, there is no different versioning scheme anymore for Aruba Instant and it will follow the same version as the ArubaOS where it was based on. That is why you see some 4.x and some 6.x releases in the bulletin.


Hope this clarifies some of your questions.

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