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mDNS between wired and wireless

Hi all, I have a 7030 wireless controller and Aruba 3810 and 2903 switch infrastructure. I have enabled Airgroup and ticked drop broadcast and unknown multicast. I have configured 3 SSIDs, 1 dot1x, the others PSK, one of the PSK's (VLAN 20)  has AppleTV and Chromecast devices. As it is dot1x devices can connect and play/cast to the devices on the PSK SSID as required. Problem is wired devices on the same VLAN (10) as the authenticated dot1x devices cannot. Also need a server on another VLAN (VLAN 40) which is trunked to the 7030 and uses bonjour (Filemaker Pro) is not seen even if I add it manually, via the MAC address. If we run AirParrot on a wired device on VLAN (10) the 7030 does not see any mDNS from it and it can't see any devices. Do I need to configure some sort of mDNS gateway configured on the 3810 which is the core switch? I thought if there is a trunk to the wireless controller with all the VLANs that require mDNS the controller would control it all? What have I missed?

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