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make SSIDs and configure policies



I want to make 3 SSIDs on controller 200 with AP63, and want to allow 1 SSID to use internet only, 2nd is for only internal network and last 3rd one use both internal and external network.


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Re: make SSIDs and configure policies

First, I would make sure that your 200 is running ArubaOS 5.x.  If it is running 5.x, you can go to Configuration> WLAN/LAN wizard and create an SSID.  It will ask you what VLAN to put it on, as well as the encryption.  After you choose the encryption, it will allow you to create a role and firewall policies that will determine what a client on that SSID will do.  When you are finished making the role, it will allow you to assign that role as the initial role for client that connect to that SSID.


Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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