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query on gre type on IAP

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone tell me for what is the GRE type parameter is used in IAP?

By default GRE type will be zero in IAP...what should be the correct value ? What if it has non zero value in GRE type? Can we have any value there?

Please clarifye on my above queries as I am totally confused

Thank you in advance..

Re: query on gre type on IAP

You should leave it as 0 , unless the endpoint device you are trying to build the GRE tunnel to requires an specific value


Here one example from the IAP Guide :


Aruba Instant User Guide.pdf - Adobe Reader_2013-07-29_15-51-32.png



This should help you :



This is on a controller:

(controller) #show  ap debug datapath ap-name test-ap

Datapath Parameters Table
essid            encr-alg        client-vlan-id  tunnel-id  gre-type  deny-bcast  num-clients
-----            --------        --------------  ---------  --------  ----------  -----------
test-ssid          WPA2 8021X AES  702    0x122af    0x8240    disable          0


Thank you

Victor Fabian
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With control Plane security (CPSec) enabled

With control Plane security (CPSec) enabled, Aruba Aps connect to controllers with which protocol?


1)ip sec







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Re: With control Plane security (CPSec) enabled

I found these answers on the internet when I searched for your question:


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ArubaOS 8.3 User Guide
InstantOS 8.3 User Guide
Airheads Knowledgebase
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Re: With control Plane security (CPSec) enabled

but which protocol use in network when enable CPsec ?

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Re: With control Plane security (CPSec) enabled

vikrantvaidya4@gmail.com wrote:

but which protocol use in network when enable CPsec ?

The second entry in the linked google search has the answer.

Charlie Clemmer
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