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"Ageout AP" in syslog - a concern?

After turning up logging levels, we started seeing lines like:

"Jun 14 11:21:13 CONTROLLERNAME stm[1601]: <501106> <NOTI> <CONTROLLERNAME xx.xx.xx.xx>  Deauth to sta: 80:96:b1:xx:xx:xx: Ageout AP xx.xx.xx.xx-d8:c7:c8:xx:xx:xx-AP-NAME wifi_deauth_sta"


The syslog guide isn't very helpful in interpreting these - is this just a debug level message that can be ignored, or indicitive of something to be investigated?


thanks for your time!



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Re: "Ageout AP" in syslog - a concern?

Those are normal operational log entries.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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