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session acls

hello airheads,

i am setting up a 650 controller (version in my lab.

I have set up port 1/0 as a trunk.

i have applied a session acl to 2 vlan interface in the trunk.

but the session acl doesn't appear to work any ideas?


GE 1/0:

Port-Vlan Session ACL
SessionACL            Vlan     Status
----------            ----     ------
check-work            20       applied
check-work            50       applied

(REU-A21A-AMC01) #show ip access-list check-work

ip access-list session check-work
Priority  Source  Destination  Service   Application  Action  TimeRange  Log  Expired  Queue  TOS  8021P  Blacklist  Mirror  DisScan  ClassifyMedia  IPv4/6  Contract
--------  ------  -----------  -------   -----------  ------  ---------  ---  -------  -----  ---  -----  ---------  ------  -------  -------------  ------  --------
1         any      svc-icmp               deny                             Low                                                           4
2         any     any          any                    permit                           Low                                                           4

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Re: session acls

What are you trying to do?

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Re: session acls

hello Colin,

trying to set up the controller as a wired firewall as well as wireless.

Basically the customer wants to use the controller as a layer 3 gateway and apply firewall rules to the vlans.

The controller will act as a firewall for wired and wireless users.


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