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severe broadcast storm


I am getting severe broadcast storm in protocol analyzer (omnipeek)
so how do i troubleshoot this issue ?

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Re: severe broadcast storm

You should ask Omnipeek why they think that is a "severe broadcast storm".  That is not Aruba's product, unfortunately.

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Re: severe broadcast storm

Omnipeek defines a sever broadcast store as "a sustained level of 'all stations broadcast' packets (the destination physical address consists of all 1s) has met or exceeded the threshold."  The default threshold is 500 packets/sec with a sampling period of 3 seconds.  This can be modified by right-clicking on a packet and selecting Expert EventFinder Settings.  Expand Data Link, and you'll see Severe Broadcast Storm there.


In your controller, are your VAPs configured to "drop broadcast and unknown multicast" and "convert broadcast ARP requests to unicast"?

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