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show co-channel neighbors - CAP

Looking for a way to show ONLY AP's on the same channel (co-channel neighbors). Campus APs.


My original though was "show ap arm <something>" but none of these seem to output ONLY co-channel neighbors.


Re: show co-channel neighbors - CAP


Try this one:

show  ap monitor ap-list ap-name <AP-NAME> channel <CHANNEL>

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Engineer @ Integration Partners
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Re: show co-channel neighbors - CAP

Thanks for the suggestion, but that requires you to first find out the channel that is currently assigned to the ap. So its at least 2 commands. There may not be a native way to do what I need (may need to write something to parse the output for me).

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Re: show co-channel neighbors - CAP

You cannot do it by channel, unfortunately.  "show ap arm state ap-name <name of ap> dot11g" will show you all ArubaAPs on the controller on the same band, but not same channel as the AP.


"show ap arm neighbors ap-name <name of ap>" will show you ALL access points.  Hopefully you do not have alot on the same band, so you can eyeball them.


Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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