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Re: surface device disconnection issues

We upgraded on Wednesday and have no reported issues thus far. The upgrade went well.

I think things were much improved with but this one hopefully squashes bugs for good. In particular we were having some AP crashes described in the notes. There are also bug fixes related to clients not being able to pass traffic which would mirror the symptoms of the surface issue.
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Re: surface device disconnection issues

Are these fixes in as well? 

T.J. Norton - Wireless Architect

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Re: surface device disconnection issues

@danderson79 @philliplyle Thanks.


We are planning for next Tuesday. Also noted the release notes were updated on March 2nd.

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Re: surface device disconnection issues



When you said "We did not experience this issue using the HP Procurve equipment." it rings a bell to me as SurfacePro wifi is using Marvell chipset.


I remember long time ago Marvell chipset had issue with transmitting LDPC frame, even at very low phy rate to the HP Procurve the AP (Atheros) is having trouble to decode those LDPC frames, causing lost of retransmit.  The client is still connected but no real traffic (no dhcp, ping drop...) as those are transmitted using Data frame at HT rates, where as keep-a-live are mostly send at legacy rate (nulldata) so from the AP and client they are still connected.


We simply did a simple work around by disabling LDPC on the AP to prevent clients devices to tx to AP frame with LDPC coding.  This has solved connectivity issue back then.


LDPC is an optional feature to improve FEC, but if you cannot even use MCS0 there is no point to have that enabled.


I believe by default Aruba AP has LDPC enable by default.


From this thread, I found most intel chipset are fine, same as MAcbook (Broadcom), I am quite surprise to see Microsoft to choose neither QCA or Broadcom for such high end "Pro" device.


Give it a try by disable LDPC (for HT and VTH).


The ultimate test would be to analyze the quality of the SurfacePro wifi signal under VSA when the connectivity issue happened. 


Just a thought.



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Re: wifi device disconnection issues

I also had the problem. After upgrading from Intel AC-8260 to AC-9260 with ArubaInstant_Hercules_6.5.4.4_62887
Although connected, no data flows anymore. At undefined intervals. Disconnecting and reconnecting will fix the problem for a while.

AC-8260 -> no problem

AC-9260 -> problem!

"Downgrade" IAP-325 to -> AC-9260 No more problems!


Re: wifi device disconnection issues

Being a very new chipset, impossible to say if this is related to any of the previous problems categorized and fixed in the ArubaOS/IAP code.


Would be ideal to have packet captures and comparative tech-support data

during the problem with the AC-9260 problem.


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Re: surface device disconnection issues

Can you please confirm the results of the upgrade for the group ?


Thanks !


Shawn Adams
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Re: surface device disconnection issues

As detailed in an earlier post, we've upgraded our environment; 7210 and 7030 controllers managing 325 APs, from to in early March on the back of recommendations from Aruba TAC.


We're happy to report that following the upgrades, we've had no reports of any disconnects from our user population who are running with Surface devices. We've had about 5 users who we've been working closely with, and none have reported any issues since the upgrade.


Thanks to everyone for their input within this thread.

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