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Re: Using Sonos HiFi Wireless Speaker System with AirGroup

Hi vision4it,


I haven't tested Sonos functionality with Instant APs very much, but am aware that broadcast filtering can cause issues with it's ability to function properly.  Within the WLAN settings for the given network, under the WLAN settings screen, if you click on show advanced options, what is the status of the broadcast filtering option?  Also, to confirm, are all devices (iPad/other client devices, and Sonos speakers) on the same VLAN?  What is the status of AirGroup (enabled/disabled, if enabled, is it enabled for all services)?


If there isn't any need in this particular environment for cross-VLAN mDNS/DLNA functionality, I might suggest turning AirGroup off, setting broadcast filtering to none, and testing that out.  Even if there is a need for cross-VLAN AirGroup traffic, I might suggest trying these settings anyway, if possible, just to test the Sonos system on a very basic setup that should naturally allow the mDNS/DLNA traffic within the same VLAN.


Good luck!



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Re: Using Sonos HiFi Wireless Speaker System with AirGroup

Use the command below to see if some service-IDs are being blocked. Devices that do group-based association can sometimes use a custom service-ID.


 show airgroup blocked-service-id
show airgroup blocked-queries

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Re: Using Sonos HiFi Wireless Speaker System with AirGroup

If you have a SONOS PLAYBAR, be sure to add 'urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:HTControl:1' to the list of services.

Re: Using Sonos HiFi Wireless Speaker System with AirGroup

I'm running IAP 325's and had to disable "Broadcast filtering" in order to make it work on the Network where my Sonos controlers are connected on. Also created the AirGroup "Sonos" on the network with the services earlier in this post.


Thanks guys!!!!

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Re: Using Sonos HiFi Wireless Speaker System with AirGroup

We just had the challenge to add a SONOS speaker to our corporate infrastructure on the guest network for one of our customers lounge. We did created a new AirGroup service for it with the information provided here but it didn't worked.


While doing troubleshooting, my colleague found out via CLI "show airgroup blocked-service-id" that there was a few hit on the following: "urn:smartspeaker-audio:service:SpeakerGroup:1"


We added it to the Sonos service we created that fix the issue. We can now detect and configure the Sonos PLAY:3 speaker.


We though maybe the optimization settings in the VAP were giving us problem but no, after adding this urn, we re-enabled the optimization settings on our test SSID (DMO, Drop Broadcast and Unknown Multicast, Convert Broadcast ARP to Unicast) and it's still working fine.


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Re: Using Sonos HiFi Wireless Speaker System with AirGroup

FYI, after being able to connect SONOS via Wi-Fi with the previous service ID added to AirGroup, we faced a new issue. The streaming was frequently being dropped and if we force a disconnect from the controller (aaa user delete mac xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx), the speaker never reconnect unless someone power cycle it.


For the streaming issue, we though first it was related to client match settings which we disabled for testing. The problem was still hapenning. We tweak ARM to lower the max tx power of the AP to force the speaker to connect to the closest AP but this never worked even though our lower rate start at 12MB.


I placed a call to SONOS technical support and I learned that all their speaker does not support roaming, AP channel or Tx power change... So this explain why the streaming was stopping each time the speaker was roaming or that ARM was forcing a power or channel change. Since we have a lot of interferences we don't control (microwave oven, neighbor's Wi-Fi, etc), it's normal that our infrastructure react to this. The tech even told me their newer model PLAY 5 with dual band adapter have the same firmware functionality as the other model using 802.11g... So we are stock unless we do static channel and power but even there this will not prevent roaming behaviour but this will have more drawback to the remaining of the building.


We are now planning to have the speaker wired (patched) to the closest Access Point (AP-135) 2nd Ethernet port so we can do an AP-specific or AP-group wired profile to tunnel traffic back to local controller (Data-Center at different site) with the proper VLAN and assign the proper user Role as when it was on the Wi-Fi.

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