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Different Network Uses

By j.easley Unpublished


Tutorial by:JonMwifi


Deployment Considerations


Networks are used for many things other than internet access. Here are a few of the main uses for the networks.


Voice networks are networks that have to have a very high QOS due to the call taking place. If the network drops packets the call quality will suffer and the conversation may not be understood.  Another huge part of a voice network if it is a VOWIFI environment is the need for seamless roaming. Without this the QOS will suffer. If the hand off between Aps doesn’t happen properly the call could be dropped altogether. So the thing to remember with a voice network is the quality has to be top notch.




Data networks are probably the most familiar with the network being used to access data. The Network will have to be planned carefully to be able to withstand the demands of the users of the network and the application the y will use. You will have to monitor the clients to see if you have enough bandwidth to handle the traffic across the network or issues could arise, resulting in complaints.



Video Networks also require a high QOS due to the quality of the streamed media. Again like the voice network if the network drops packets the quality will suffer due to the loss of data but it is likely to still be interpreted whereas voice has to have all the data or the conversation will need to be repeated. There are also different types of video to be considered and once you figure out your need for you network you can plan accordingly.



Also when surveying for the network you should take into account he needs for the network and replicate the applications or a phone call, etc... to make sure coverage is adequate.

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