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Enabling ble-console in IAP from Aruba8.6.x.x

By esupport posted May 26, 2020 02:48 AM


To be able to access Ble-console of an AP using BLUConsole app starting 8.6.X


From 8.6 BLE-opmode  for ble-console operation been deprecated. We have to configure IOT radio profile to enable ble-console as it is disabled by default.


Ble opmode been restricted to beacon, Scan and both. 

(IoT Radio Profile "Test") # ble-opmode ?
<opmode>     beac scan or both


In order to get the ble-console enabled we need to create IOT radio profile to have this option enabled,

(config) # iot radio-profile Test  
(IoT Radio Profile "Test") # ble-console ?
<console>     off on or dynamic
(IoT Radio Profile  Test") # ble-console on
(IoT Radio Profile  Test") # exit
(config)# exit
# commit apply


We need to map the profile in use using the below command,

(config) # iot use-radio-profile Test
(config)# exit
# commit apply


From  running-configuration, you would be seeing the below config,

iot radio-profile Test
ble-console on

iot use-radio-profile Test

# show ap debug ble-config

9c:8c:d8:cf:c6:86# show ap debug ble-config 

---------- IOT Radio Profiles -----------------
Profile Name        : Test
Radio Instance      : Internal
Radio Mode          : BLE
BLE Mode            : beaconing scanning
BLE Console         : On
BLE Tx Power (dBm)  : 0
Note: No Zigbee service profiles configured.

Radio Configuration
Radio Information  NORDIC ONBOARD Internal BLE Zigbee
-----------------  ----------------------------------
Miscellaneous Configuration
Item                            Value
----                            -----
FIPS Mode                       No
Master IP             
BLE Ready                       Yes
APB Info Update Intvl (in sec)  87 (430464/430414)
BLE debug log                   Enabled
Message Selector                0xffff (APB: 0xffff)
AP Deep Sleep Duration          120 minutes
AP USB Power Override           Disabled (-1)
Uplink Status                   Up
APB Connection Status           0
Time Last Message to APB        1970-01-01 00:00:00 
Log Levels Available            { All(0x1fffff), Info(0x04), Warning(0x02), Error(0x01), Ageout(0x08), BMReq(0x10), FW-Upgrade(0x20), FW-UpgradeErr(0x40), CfgUpdate(0x80), CfgUpdateErr(0x100), Beacon(0x200), BcnTLV(0x400), BcnErr(0x800), APB(0x1000), Tags(0x2000), ZF(0x4000), AMON(0x8000), IOT-GW(0x10000), AT-HTTPS-JSON(0x20000), AT-WEBSOCKET-PROTOBUF(0x40000), Enocean(0x100000), (0x00), None(0x00) }
Current Log Level               { 0x901e1 : Error(0x0001), FW-Upgrade(0x0020), FW-UpgradeErr(0x0040), CfgUpdate(0x0080), CfgUpdateErr(0x0100), IOT-GW(0x10000) }
Log Mac Filter                  None
Note: No IoT transport context configured. Config ID:0

Note: Uplink status is applicable only for Controller with Dynamic Console operational mode.
      For APBs of type LS-BT1USB, applied operational mode is Beaconing if ap system profile setting is either Persistent or Dynamic.
Note: Setting Message Selector value to 0x0 will cause the APB to function improperly. Use the knob with caution.
Note: Message Selector Bits: All(0xffff), V0 Scan (0x01), V1 Scan (0x02), UI Scan (0x04), Proximity Advert (0x08), IBeacon (0x10), Heartbe
at-1 (0x20),  Heartbeat-UI (0x40), Upg Ack (0x80), Heartbeat-2 (0x200), Generic Scan (0x400), Generic Advert (0x800), Tag V1 Scan (0x1000), Tag V1 Advert (0x2000)

9c:8c:d8:cf:c6:86# show ap deb ble-database 

BLE APB Information
AP Name            AP Group  BLE MAC            BLE Cur. Bank   BLE Opp. Bank  AP Eth MAC         AP IP           Reported at           ConfigID  Status   
-------            --------  -------            -------------   -------------  ----------         -----           -----------           --------  ------   
9c:8c:d8:cf:c6:86            20:4c:03:45:c6:e8  DFU APP 1.3-53  DFU BL 0.0-0   9c:8c:d8:cf:c6:86  2020-05-19 19:17:17   0         Current  

Total AP BLE devices reported:1
Note:'Status' column indicates whether information received for an AP's 
    : BLE radio is 'Current' (message received in the last 10 minutes)
    : or 'OutOfDate' (message received more than last 10 minutes ago and/or AP might be down).

9c:8c:d8:cf:c6:86# show ap debug ble-table 

BLE Device Table [APBs]
MAC                HW_Type   FW_Ver          Flags   Status  Radio Type  Major#  Minor#  UUID                                  Meas. Pow.  Tx_Power  Last Update  Uptime       
---                -------   ------          -----   ------  ----------  ------  ------  ----                                  ----------  --------  -----------  ------       
20:4c:03:45:c6:e8  BT-AP550  DFU App 1.3-53  0x0183  LIA     Internal    0       0       4152554E-F99B-4A3B-86D0-947070693A78  -56         7         2s           23h:40m:40s  

BLE Device Table [Aruba Beacons]
MAC                HW_Type   FW_Ver          Flags   Status  Batt(%)  RSSI  Major#  Minor#  UUID                                  Meas. Pow.  Tx_Power  Last Update  Uptime
---                -------   ------          -----   ------  -------  ----  ------  ------  ----                                  ----------  --------  -----------  ------
20:4c:03:3e:de:24  BT-AP510  DFU App 1.3-32  0x0183  IA      ONBOARD  -87   16005   24699   4152554E-F99B-4A3B-86D0-947070693A78  -56         15        I:1239s      1h:30m:30s
20:4c:03:3e:de:26  BT-AP510  DFU App 1.3-32  0x0183  IA      ONBOARD  -84   16005   24692   4152554E-F99B-4A3B-86D0-947070693A78  -56         15        I:2s         1h:49m:0s
20:4c:03:3e:de:29  BT-AP510  DFU App 1.3-32  0x0183  IA      ONBOARD  -67   16005   24700   4152554E-F99B-4A3B-86D0-947070693A78  -56         15        I:0s         1h:55m:30s
20:4c:03:3e:de:2e  BT-AP510  DFU App 1.3-32  0x0183  IA      ONBOARD  -84   16005   24693   4152554E-F99B-4A3B-86D0-947070693A78  -56         15        I:1239s      1h:31m:0s
20:4c:03:3e:de:34  BT-AP510  DFU App 1.3-32  0x0183  IA      ONBOARD  -93   16005   24702   4152554E-F99B-4A3B-86D0-947070693A78  -56         15        I:67s        1h:28m:30s
20:4c:03:3e:de:37  BT-AP510  DFU App 1.3-32  0x0183  IA      ONBOARD  -81   16005   24696   4152554E-F99B-4A3B-86D0-947070693A78  -56         15        I:1237s      1h:32m:0s
20:4c:03:3e:de:38  BT-AP510  DFU App 1.3-32  0x0183  IA      ONBOARD  -75   16005   24691   4152554E-F99B-4A3B-86D0-947070693A78  -56         15        I:1s         2h:2m:30s
20:4c:03:3e:df:2e  ARUBA     OAD A 1.3-24    0x0001  A       --       -71   0       0                                             --          --        I:161s       30s

Total BLE devices:8

Note: Battery level for LS-BT1USB devices is indicated as USB.
Note: Uptime is shown as Days hour:minute:second.
Note: Last Update is time in seconds since last heard update.
Note: Meas. Pow. is the averaged RSSI (in dBm) when the iBeacon is calibrated.
Status Flags:L:AP's local beacon; I:iBeacon; A:Beacon management capable
            :H:High power beacon; T:Asset Tag Beacon; U:Upgrade of firmware pending
            :u:Beacon management update received