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How to stop the devices getting added in central inventory which are not managed by Aruba central?

By esupport posted Aug 10, 2020 10:29 AM


How to avoid all the devices getting added in device inventory in Aruba central ?

  • Aruba central account will always try to fetch all the devices part of Activate account which is tied to it which includes IAP, switches, BGW and VPNC.
  • Few customer will have a requirement to manage only few devices in Aruba central via same activate account.


To overcome this situation, we now have an option to create a new folder in activate and move the devices as central only fetch the devices from default and Athena folder.


As an example, below is the screenshot from Activate account



  • Create a new folder called “Unmanaged” and move all the devices which not supposed to be managed by central and initiate a sync devices in Aruba central will remove these devices.