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Ho do I find the deviceid and vendor id for a 3/4G USB modem

By esupport posted Aug 13, 2020 12:22 PM


How do I find out the vendor and device ID for a USB 3/4G modem?


Often a USB 3/4G modem is a collection of different devices in addition to the modem such as USB storage.  When using as an uplink for an IAP we may need to specify the device-type so that the IAP can load the correct driver.

The vendor and device ID can be gathered by doing the following.  For each operating system, it assumes that the device loads correctly and internet connectivity is established through the modem.

The provisioning parameters that may be necessary would be of the following format.

usb-dev 0x<vendorID><deviceID>


In MacOS

Plug the modem into the USB port and ensure it connects to the 3/4G service.

Open System Information and navigate to the device.


Windows 10

Open Device Manager, right click on the device and select properties.  Then choose Hardware Ids from the dropdown.



The following was done on Ubuntu-20.04 but would work on any Linux OS assuming that the device is recognised and driver loaded correctly.

Open Terminal and run dmesg, looking for messages pertaining to USB devices.

Within Terminal the device can also be seen with lsusb.