Clone AP Configuration

By alc posted Jun 17, 2013 02:34 PM



I am trying to clone the configuration from one AP to another. Im running this command


conf t

ap-name AP01

clone AP02


and then i get this message "AP name 'AP02' undefined"


Am i missing something to run this command? It's between two RAP5 and im running version and even tried on a version.



The reason why I want to clone the configuration from one RAP5 to another is because that RAP5_01 works with a 3g dongle and i want RAP5_02 to have the same configuration to work with a 3g dongle as well.

So copying the AP-group wont work in this case.


The 3g/4g card configuration is not located on the controller.  It is programmed into the flash of individual devices.  If you want to program them into multiple devices, you can use a provisioning profile:


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