How to discover interferes on Airwave in an IAP deployment

By esupport posted Jul 25, 2016 07:09 PM


Using Airwave we can identify Interferes and have them displayed on Visual RF. 

Below is an example of how it looks on Airwave GUI for Instant Aruba Access Points

Navigate to specific AP Monitor page-->Select the Radio link

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the list of Interferes.


One needs to enable Background Spectrum monitoring on  Instant Access Points to ensure Airwave is able to identify the Interferes.


Login to the IAP GUI and navigate to RF-->Show Advanced Options-->Radio



By default "Background Spectrum Monitoring is disabled, please enable this option and save the settings.


The same option is available on the Instant config page if the Instant AP is being managed by AP.


Execute the command below to verify that the configuration is set right from Instant Virtual controller CLI.


84:d4:7e:c3:d7:9e# show radio config

2.4 GHz:
Legacy Mode:disable
Single Chain Legacy:disable
Beacon Interval:100
Interference Immunity Level:2
Channel Switch Announcement Count:0
MAX Distance:600
Channel Reuse Type:disable
Channel Reuse Threshold:0
Background Spectrum Monitor:enable