Report Scheduling in AirWave

By ozerdo posted Nov 13, 2011 11:29 PM



I have a scheduled report that runs every Friday at 3pm. It's a report that I run from the 1st of the month up to that Friday at 3pm. So, I set the start date (using June as an example) to be 6/1/2010 and the end date to be "now," which is 3pm on Fridays.

However, every month I have to go in and change the start date to be the first of whatever month I'm in. Is there a way to specify the start date as "1st of the month" so I don't have to change the start date every month? If so, what's the syntax?


You could use "1st" (meaning first day of the current month) as the start time. Here are some other examples of formats that can be used:

 SYNTAX                       MEANING
today exactly now OR today at a given time if a time is specified
now synonym for today
yesterday exactly 24 hours ago unless a time is specified
tomorrow exactly 24 hours from now unless a time is specified
noon 12:00:00
midnight 00:00:00
which dofw in mmm in YY "first Sunday in June 1996 at 14:00" **
dofw week num YY "Sunday week 22 1995" **
which dofw YY "22nd Sunday at noon" **
dofw which week YY "Sunday 22nd week in 1996" **
next/last dofw "next Friday at noon"
next/last week/month "next month"
in num days/weeks/months "in 3 weeks at 12:00"
num days/weeks/months later "3 weeks later"
num days/weeks/months ago "3 weeks ago"
dofw in num week "Friday in 2 weeks"
in num weeks dofw "in 2 weeks on Friday"
dofw num week ago "Friday 2 weeks ago"
num week ago dofw "2 weeks ago Friday"
last day in mmm in YY "last day of October"
dofw "Friday" (Friday of current week)
Nth "12th", "1st" (day of current month)
epoch SECS seconds since the epoch (negative values are supported)

** Note that the formats "Sunday week 22" and "22nd Sunday" give very different behaviors.
"Sunday week 22" returns the Sunday of the 22nd week of the year based on how week 1 is defined.
ISO 8601 defines week one to contain Jan 4, so "Sunday week 1" might be the first or second Sunday
of the current year, or the last Sunday of the previous year. "22nd Sunday" gives the actual 22nd time
Sunday occurs in a given year, regardless of the definition of a week.