How to set user account expiration with delete and logout option on CPPM

By AnandKumar Sukumar posted Jul 08, 2014 05:38 PM


Introduction : This article talks about deleting the user entry from data base and logging the user our once the account expires.


Environment : This article best works on CPPM 6.2


Configuration Steps :


Below are the detailed steps.

Login to Clear pass Guest and navigate to "Home » Configuration » Fields"

Look for the do_expire field on this page and edit it.

User-added image

Once we click on "Edit", it will open a new page. Scroll down to the "Form Validation Properties" option and set the initial value as "4"

User-added image

We are forcing CPPM to use the initial value as "4 | Delete and log out at specified time".

Hence a user will be deleted and logged out once the account expires.