Orange flashing LED on Airwave hardware with device fan error

By AnandKumar Sukumar posted Jul 11, 2014 12:24 PM


Question : I am seeing flashing orange light on the AirWave appliance and see a fan error while booting the server.


Environment Information : This applies to all versions of Airwave.


Symptoms : Flashing orange LED would be seen on the hardware.


Cause: This issue is caused because of the fan failure of the Server.


Resolution : The below error would be seen on the console of the Airwave server while it's booting.

User-added image

Following are the options to resolve the issue

Option 1: If it is an AirWave appliance ( hardware shipped by Aruba) please create a ticket Aruba TAC and we will RMA the box, if the support contract is valid.

Option 2:
If it is a third party server ( purchased directly from Vendor like Dell or IBM), please get in touch with them to replace the faulty part/server.