Migration to ArubaOS 8

By j.easley posted May 09, 2018 10:51 PM



Migration of Aruba deployments from ArubaOS 6 to ArubaOS 8 involves a few more steps and precautions than performing a simple controller image upgrade. This chapter covers topics including migration methods, best practice recommendations on when to choose a particular method over another, and outlines how typical ArubaOS 6 network topologies can be migrated to ArubaOS 8. Depending on the ArubaOS 6 topology, migration can either be performed manually or by using the Migration Tool.




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Jul 29, 2019 12:22 PM

Where are the initial setup-dialog parameters saved?  Can the values displayed by the "show configuration setup-dialog" command be written to a file and downloaded to a 6.x controller, then just download the 8.x image to the inactive partition and reboot?  I have > 200 local controllers to get from 6.x to 8.x.  My life would be so much easier if there was just a way to preload the 8.x setup-dialog answers onto a 6.x controller.