IAP split DNS

By Shyam_Moolayilkalarikkal posted Jul 11, 2014 05:56 PM

Question Why IAP tries to handle DNS queries when I have VPN configured?
Why am I unable to do DNS lookup for Internal network with VPN configured?
Why am I unable to reach internal sites via URL?
Environment Aruba Instant APs configured with VPN tunnel to Aruba Controller



With VPN configuration; it's necessary to have "Enterprise Domain Names" configured for DNS queries to be sent to Corporate DNS server. Without this configuration; all DNS queries would be handled by Instant's local DNS server and result in unreachability of internal resources when accessed using fqdn.



Aruba Instant Split-DNS Overview




Configuration ::









CLI  ::



           domain-name  <name>



Note :: With the split-dns architecture; Aruba Instant AP must get DNS Server IP and should be able to reach the DNS server for external domains name lookup to work.


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