How to enable high capacity guest mode in Clearpass?

By vikrams@aruba posted Apr 05, 2015 05:59 AM


Introduction- High Capacity Guest (HCG) mode allows you to double the amount of guest devices that can authenticate against a Clearpass Policy Manager server. A CP-500 server can authenticate up to 1000 devices in HCG mode.

Environment- This feature was introduced in 6.4 version of Clearpass

Configuration Steps- 1) Administration > Server Manager > Server Config > Cluster-Wide Parameters > Mode.

Enable the High Capacity Guest Mode as shown in the screenshot below

rtaImage (4).jpg



Please note there are many limitations of using HCG Mode and it cannot be enabled if all the criteria are not met. The limitations are noted in RED in the above screenshot.

2) Once the Guest mode is enabled, you can do a "system refresh-license" from the cli to double the Policy Manager license count

If you are enabling HCG on a cluster, run "system refresh-license" from the subscriber node first and then publisher for the accurate license count to show on the GUI

Verification- Screenshot of license count before HCG Mode

rtaImage (5).jpg


Screenshot of license count after enabling HCG Mode and doing a system refresh-license

rtaImage (6).jpg


As you can see the Policy Manager license count increases from 500 to 1000 allowing twice the number of guest devices to authenticate.