Management Tools for AirMesh Products

By Sujatha Mandava posted Dec 09, 2011 07:49 PM



What is the recommended management solution for AirMesh Products?



AirWave is the recommended management solution for AirMesh Products. Features supported on AirWave include:


-          SNMP discovery of the AirMesh devices

-          AP/Radio monitoring

  • AP level stats like serial number, syslocation, contact
  • Radio level monitoring including dot11statistics, noise, channel

-          Client visibility and statistics

  • Real time monitoring and historical data on clients and sessions

-          Reporting and alerting

  • Alerts including device up/down
  • Extensive set of reports including inventory and user session

-          Mesh link Monitoring and Visualization

  • Mesh link statistics including SNR and data rate
  • Topological view of the mesh network with link statistics

-          Image Upgrades/Maintenance Features

  • Synchronized image upgrades across the entire mesh network
  • Support for reboot of the devices


AirWave will support configuration of the AirMesh devices in the first half of 2012. Meanwhile you can use MeshConfig to configure the MSR devices in your network.