Time delay in PoE Management

By esupport posted Feb 11, 2016 04:17 PM


In some situation we might need some time delay while applying the PoE configuration between each port on the Aruba Mobility Access Switch. The requirement of time de;ay will be in order to avoid POE module to spike up or burst when we turn on all the POE devices which got connected to the Switch.


Starting from ArubaOS 7.3.2, the Mobility Access Switch allows you to configure a time delay while applying the PoE configuration between each port. For example, if you configure a delay of 2 seconds and if the PoE configuration is applied on port 0 at t seconds, then the PoE configuration is applied on port 1 at t+2 seconds, port 2 at t+4 seconds and so on. A new CLI command, config-delay is introduced under the PoE management
profile to configure the delay time in milli seconds. The allowed range is between 0 to 30000ms in steps of 100ms. The default value is 2000 ms.


Configuring Delay Time

Execute the following commands to configure the delay time for applying the PoE configuration between ports:

(host) (config) #poe-management-profile slot <0-7>
(host) (poe-management profile "<0-7>") #config-delay <config-delay>



Sample Configuration
(host) (config) #poe-management-profile slot 0
(host) (poe-management profile "0") #config-delay 3000


Verifying Delay Configuration

Execute the following command to verify the configured delay time for applying the PoE configuration between ports:

(host) #show poe-management-profile slot 0
poe-management profile "0"
Parameter Value
--------- -----
Power Management Algorithm dynamic
Guard band for PoE controller 11000
Cisco Pre-Standard compatibility Disabled
Delay in applying config for PoE controller 3000