How to upgrade the OS on the Aruba controller?

By Arunkumar Unpublished


This article explain steps to upgrade the code on the controller.


We can upgrade the OS on the controller either through WebUI or through the CLI.
We can use the following methods to upgrade the code on the controller:

  • TFTP
  • FTP
  • SCP
  • Local File (This option is available while upgrading through WebUI)

NOTE: It is strongly recommended to go through the Release Notes available on the support site before upgrade to find out any upgrade caveats or known issues. 



Environment : This article applies to all the controller models and OS versions.

  1. Navigate to Maintenance> Image Management
  2. Choose the upgrade method
  3. Enter the Server IP address in case TFTP, FTP or SCP is used for upgrade
  4. Enter the image file name
  5. Choose the partition to upgrade. It is always advisable to upgrade to the non-default boot partition first so that we can revert to the old code in case something unexpected occurs.
  6. Select if you want to reboot the controller after upgrade. Unless reloaded, the new code will not take effect
  7. Save the current configuration before reboot
  8. Click Upgrade

rtaImage (12).png


Execute the following commands on the CLI to upgrade the code – 

(Aruba)# copy tftp: <TFTP server IP address> <image file name> system: partition <0 or 1>    //for TFTP
(Aruba)# copy ftp: <TFTP server IP address> <username> <image file name> system: partition <0 or 1>  //for FTP
(Aruba) #copy scp: <SCP host IP address> <username> <image file name> system: partition <0 or 1>   //for SCP

Once the image is uploaded in the flash, save the configuration and reload the controller.




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Jan 03, 2020 09:37 AM

Hi Fcruz, that shouldn't be a problem from what I read on the RLN 

Page 30 - describes the process from different -lower-versions so you shoul dbe ok. 


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Question, could I "bunny-hop" over versions as opposed to doing each and everyone (i.e. to Thanks!

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I want to download OS 6.4, how can i download?