[AirheadsConf LV 2013 Breakout] Wireless LAN Optimizing Wi-Fi for Voice/Video

By bala posted Mar 28, 2013 04:27 PM


Attached please find our presentation from [AirheadsConf LV 2013 Breakout] Wireless LAN - Optimizing Wi-Fi for Voice/Video.


This is the presentation we gave at Airheads Conference Las Vegas, March 2013. We welcome your feedback and discussion based on this presentation.





This advanced session will cover best practices for optimizing voice and video over Wi-Fi. The topics to be covered include trends and emerging applications, the challenges of multimedia over WLANs and Aruba technology for voice and video. In addition we will review troubleshooting tips for multimedia over Wi-Fi.


Presenter: Bala Krishnamurthy


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1_Voice and Video over Wi-Fi_Balajee Krishnamurthy.pdf