Configuration of maximum clients per radio on IAP 4.2.3

By esupport posted Mar 24, 2017 11:58 PM


Configuration of maximum clients per radio on IAP 4.2.3


​This feature is support from IAP 4.2.3

  • New action command on a AP which allows setting of maximum clients per radio. This is going to be a in-memory dynamic state which will be enforced during client association.
  • With this feature we can develop more deterministic approach of client load balancing, when client match is disabled. Also we will have less regression impact.

From CLI 

9c:1c:12:c7:ea:d6#a-max-clients 10

9c:1c:12:c7:ea:d6#g-max-clients 20

No configuration option avail from WEBUI.

No show command support is available for now. Hence configured value’s can be verified using get-sysctl command.

Client association is dropped when max client count is reached



Debug log output

Allowed limit is from 1 to 255

Implementation on ATH based platform is not done yet

Note: Max client limit will be flushed out  when IAP reload






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Jun 19, 2018 12:01 PM

We need to increase the max clients limit from the default of 64 to 100 due to the congregation of mobile devices in the charging station area.  There is little throughput during the charge cycle.  Is there a guideline on where the recommended limit by AP type?