Deploying BYOD: Onboarding, Provisioning, Policy, Reporting

By ozerdo posted Mar 13, 2012 05:52 PM


Attached are the presentations from 2012 Airheads Vegas, 2012 Airheads Bangkok and 2012 Airheads Nice; they provide networking, security and application engineers with best practice information on how to support large scale BYOD initiatives.


Topics of discussion includes BYOD policy definition and enforcement, device onboarding and revoking access, 5-tier device profiling and examples on how to enroll different types of mobile devices namely Windows 7, MacOS, iOS and Android. 





2012 AH APJ - Deploying BYOD.pdf

2012 AH Vegas - Deploying BYOD.pdf

2012 AH EMEA - Deploying BYOD.pdf