Licensing Configuration in ArubaOS 8.0

By esupport posted Jan 26, 2017 05:25 PM


The Aruba 8.0 controller licensing model has changed in 8.0.  How do you configure licensing in AOS 8.0?

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This solution will be used to configure licensing in an ArubaOS 8.0 deployment.


  • MM - Mobility Master
  • MC - Mobility Controller. Can be MM managed, standalone, etc.
  • PEF - Policy Enforcement Firewall. This per-AP license enables firewall capabilities on the MC that include role-based access, ACLs and DPI.
  • RFP - RF Protect. A per-AP license that enables spectrum monitoring and WIDS/WIPS features on the MC.
  • WebCC - Web Content Classification. A subscription-based license to classify/filter web content.
  • ACR - Advanced Cryptography. A session-based license that enables the Suite-B crypto ciphers to be used in VPN for VIA connections.
  • xSec - Extreme Security. This license enables the xSec protocol that can be used to secure Layer-2 traffic between an Aruba controller and wired and wireless clients, or between Aruba controllers.


Using this solution, you can configure global licensing and license pools on an MM or standalone MC.


By default, all managed devices associated to the same Mobility Master share a global pool of licenses that includes all the shareable licenses added to the Mobility Master. ArubaOS also allows you to create individual licensing pools at a configuration node, allowing managed devices below that node to share licenses amongst themselves but not with other managed devices.


If you create a license pool for the configuration node /USA, as shown in the figure, the four managed devices below this node use licenses from the /USA pool, while the other managed devices continue to use the global pool. If the /USA license pool is allocated 40 of the 100 AP licenses installed on Mobility Master, the four managed devices using the /USA pool can share 40 AP licenses from Mobility Master. The global license pool now contains only 60 of the AP licenses from the Mobility Master.


  • ArubaOS 8.0.1
  • This solution assumes the appropriate AP/PEF/RFP/PEF-V/WebCC/ACR licenses are already added to the MM/MC.




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(Newbie question) I encountered this post while searching for the "ArubaOS User Guide." There's a link in this post to the very guide I'm looking for, but it's broken. Is there a mechanism to get this link updated to point to the current location of this guide? I've struggled to find these manuals anywhere on the website. Is there a better place or search criteria to use to find these?

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Since the version was upgraded to AOS 8
License types vary.