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How to implement VXLAN between ArubaOS-Switches?

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This solution is here to give the full set of commands needed to configure and enable VXLAN between ArubaOS Switches.

For now, it can only be used to create one Tunnel, and 1 Virtual-Network.

If you need more, please duplicate the related part of the configuration (Virtual-Network, Tunnel, and VXLAN mapping)

Minimum Software Version Required

16.xx version is required.

Configuration Notes

VXLAN is an encapsulation mechanism, also known as Network Virtualization, using MAC-in-UDP. It allows to easily create L2 networks (Overlay Network) over L3 (Underlay Network), using UDP Tunnels.

2 architectures can be implemented : Meshed Network and Hub and Spoke Network.

Several steps have to be done :

  • Create a Virtual Network, also known as VNI, which will match the incoming traffic with the associated VXLAN.
  • Create a VXLAN tunnel
  • Associate the VLAN with the newly created tunnel. Each VLAN needs to have its own VN ID before being associated with a VXLAN Tunnel.

BGP EVPN and ENDP are not supported on ArubaOS-Switch.

Some other things need to be checked, and/or set, before implementing VXLAN :

  • As VXLAN is an encapsulation mechanism (MAC-in-UDP), you may have to enable Jumbo Frames on the path between each VTEPs (Your Switches). You may also have to activate the Jumbo Frames on the VLAN, using the "vlan <Your_Underlay_VLAN> jumbo" command.
  • VXLAN uses the UDP Port 4789 by default. For security reasons, if you need to use another UDP Port, you will have to use the "vxlan udp" command.
  • To guarantee a high level of tunnel's availability, please set loopback interfaces on source and destination devices, and use them as tunnel's source and destination IPs.

Platform(s) Tested

This has been tested on Aruba 3810M and 5400R, with v3 modules.

5400R in v2 compatibility mode does not support VXLAN - You have to disable the "allow-v2-module" before using the vxlan commands.


No license required.


If you need more information, you can use the "Advanced Traffic Management Guide" of each compliant platform.

The routing enablement is not covered by this solution. If more information is needed to configure this, you can refer to the "Multicast and Routing" Guide of each compliant platform.

If you need to interconnect ArubaOS Switch with Comware devices through VXLAN, you can also refer to the "HPE_VXLAN_between_12900_and_5400R_TCG_v1.1_Mar2016.pdf" document.

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