HPE IMC - Fix The Issue "Error Occurred When Accessing The MIB On Device "

By esupport posted Feb 28, 2020 06:26 PM


On HPE IMC software, after adding a device, the below error is noticed under the Alarm page.

Switch model: HPE Provision/Procurve/Aruba OS switch

Description: Error occurred when accessing the MIB on device <device-name>



Troublehooting Steps

  • We have verified the Telnet/SSH access configuration and it is working fine.
  • We have verified the SNMP v3 configuration on the non-working switch and working switch which is identical.
  • Ran debug commands on the non-working switch and the responds are being sent to the IMC server.
  • Captured packet trace via Wireshark on windows server running IMC while performing snmp bulk get to the non-working device.
  • From the packet capture we found that IMC is getting snmp response from another IP address configured on the same switch rather than same IP.



Configure source IP for snmp-agent same as IP of device discovered on IMC resolved the issue


  • Configured the below command on HPE Provision/ProCurve/Aruba OS switch:
    • snmp-server response-source dst-ip-of-request