Onboard fails with Apple iOS 6.0

By vikrams@aruba posted Jun 29, 2014 11:53 PM


Issue known to affect versions:


10a405 (iphone)
10a403 (ipad)

When attempting to perform Onboarding of an Apple device running iOS 6, the device disconnects from the WLAN as soon as step 1 of the process starts. Step 1 requires the root certificate to be installed on the device. When the user touches the "Install root certificate" link, the device disconnects and does not return the user back to the Onboard screen for the remaining steps. If the user reconnects and goes to step 2, the device disconnects from the WLAN as soon as the prompt to install the profile appears.

The Captive Network Assistant (CNA) in iOS is not being disabled by the landing.php script in Onboard. The affected versions of AOS could produce an invalid external captive portal URL depending on the length of characters in the SSID that the client is connected to. The CNA in pre-iOS 6 devices will follow the captive portal redirect anyways while in the iOS 6 devices, it will not.

Solutions and workarounds (Choose one):
a. Upgrade to AOS version or later.

b. Change the SSID name used with Onboarding to increase or decrease its length of characters by 1 character at a time. Test Onboarding after each change. This could take 1-3 attempts before the right length is found.

c. Whitelist www.apple.com in the Aruba controller's captive portal profile being used for Onboard.